Monday, July 07, 2014

Pringles Trash Bin for the Car

I often feel sorry when I see car drivers throwing trash and cigarette buds out of the window. As if the whole world is a trash bin. I bet they don't do this at home. For those who retain some kind of conscience I have a tip.

  1. Buy one Pringles chips can and make it empty. You dont need to eat the chips - they aren't healthy food. 
  2. Then stick the empty can into the bottle holder in your car. You may need to squash the base of the can if it doesn't fit. 
Now you have the whole liter of the free space for the litter in the car. It has a tiny footprint, its held tight, it doesn't have a bottle neck, its easy to empty when it gets full. And it protects the environment.
Another observation/hint: I need to exchange the can for a new one about once in several months as it gets dirty and sticky with a bubble gum :-)