Thursday, October 14, 2010

FloatBox (floating effect for <div> using CSS3 box-shadow)

I've been bored at the IPC10 so I've been playing around a bit and made a hovering floating box effect in JavaScript. This thing is dynamic so the screenshot is not so useful.

The script is using jQuery and Shadow animation jQuery-plugin. I had to fix the RegExp of the plugin to accept negative shadow offsets like this:

Friday, October 08, 2010

Alien rods invasion 2010 (skyfish, solar entities)

Repost from the Get Rich Blog: There are two types of people. Those who strive and those who don’t.

There are two types of people. Those who strive and those who don’t.

You should know the normal people. They go to their work, get their salary, meet with friends, drink beer and even watch TV. They even save some money for a vacation or hobbies but don’t have a Goal (capital G). They may have a goal to get better house, car, postcards collection…, but it’s not something they think of every minute. They just live with auto-pilot turned on. I don’t mean they are bad in any way, but they are not doing what other type of people do.

The striving people are not satisfied. They eager to change their life. While most of them eager for money, some eager for peace in the world or personal spiritual development. Those people understand that watching TV is not only killing time. They understand that working for some guy is like a permitted slavery. They understand what means to be independent - you can do what you want (legally), regardless of how much money you have or what your boss thinks (they don’t have a boss) or what their neighbours think.

I’ll try to estimate the ratio between those types of people. On average a company has 1000 employees (who knows more exactly?). So there is just one striving person in a thousand. It is likely the boss of the company (if he made the company from the scratch). Sometimes there’s noone.

There are also those who are in the middle. They understand (like striving people) but are not yet on the way to their Goal.

What kind of person are you?

Repost of the GPS navigation software ideas I had in 2007


This site is about a new PDA GPS navigation system called we-go. Why having another when there are already a lot? Read on...

Disadvantages of the existing navigation software

I started working on we-go because the existing software didn’t satisfy my needs:
  • They cost money
  • Their user interface is far from being user friendly
  • They are mostly 2D even when they display it on the pseudo-3D perspective
  • The maps get rarely updated
  • No way to use bitmap maps (aerial map of the region - Google Maps) or if there is one, then the combination of vector and bitmap data on the same screen is not possible.

Key features of we-go

I think navigation software can be much better:
  • It should be free
  • Maps should be updated as frequently as possible
  • 3D view is not a cool feature; it’s a visual aid for navigation. Think of a highway intersection where there can be even more than three lanes over each other. See how it’s displayed in pseudo-3D compared to the real 3D view.
  • User interface should be skin-able to allow for customizing the user interface for each individual user. This is the most important for navigation software because it’s used during the intensive traffic and the time necessary to perform an operation should be minimized.
  • Bitmap maps like those found in Google Maps could be layered over for even greater navigation hints.
  • A desktop version of the program with all the features of the PDA version should be available (.NET can help with it) for managing the data, route pre-planning and transfer of the collected GPS data (see next topic) to the server.