Friday, September 23, 2011

Friend Share idea for Android

An Android (and other platforms including PC) app to share MP3 and other files QUICKLY among friends and people around them. The main aspect is that sharing happens without connection to the Internet – device to device.

Upon downloading user has to specify his nickname so that he can be identified among other friends in the vicinity. An application will start searching for the same app running on other devices around you. WiFi works in a radius about 100 meters so your friends have to be close to be able to connect. Shown devices will be shown in the list sorted by the signal strength which roughly corresponds to the distance to them in the real life.

Selecting a person allows to see files which they have shared (and maybe a currently playing MP3 file). Files can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon on the right (see the Android call-log app).

Two shared folders for friends, for non-friends.

Make friends function which asks to gently hit both phones (with gyro sensors) to confirm friending.

Update: I have found out with amazement that such software already exists: Are they reading my mind or the idea is just so obvious simple?