Friday, July 30, 2010

Car of the nearest future

Recently I've been driving some couple of thousands km in a couple of days (from Frankfurt to Zadar to Scalea to Frankfurt) and you might know that 37 hours driving can be very boring. It's during this long boring time I was dreaming of what my car could become in the near future.

Here are my dreams listed in no particular order. Now that own Prius II and like it, I've taken Prius III as a base (pretty advanced vehicle, BTW) and thought of some extra features.

A couple of futuristic features which make Prius III a good base candidate for “the car of the future”:
  • It has a “Lane Assist” feature keeping you in the middle of the lane.
  • It has a “Smart Key” feature allowing you to open and close the car without touching you car keys.
  • It has a “Pre Collision System” which applies brakes when you’re about to crash into something.
  • An “Intelligent Parking Assist” which can park the car in the relatively narrow space automatically.
  • “Head-Up Display” like in the Jet Fighters.