Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3D graphics animations in Excel

I have been once on the very boring meeting recently. If I had Internet connection on my notebook working I could entertain myself in other ways. But with nothing else but MS Office I opened Excel and tried making 3D surface chart with animation.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Petition to release Zend Studio 5.5.1 source code.

Zend Studio 5.5.1 is the latest version of the famous PHP IDE which is not based on Eclipse. The next Zend Studio for Eclipse 6 has used the same name, but is a completely different software. Zend Technologies Ltd. has taken the open-source general purpose IDE and extended it to be suitable for PHP development. The main reason for the switch IMHO was that Eclipse is a well know, well supported IDE and Zend Technologies Ltd. can profit from many public extensions and improvements to Eclipse and can concentrate on the PHP support.

Zend Studio 5 has been almost the perfect IDE. Extremely fast (especially compared to Eclipse), relatively robust (crashes from time to time), but very well sewed. It had native (S)FTP support, more native then ZS4E. It had the debugger, profiler, code analyzer, CSV/SVN support - everything that PHP programmer ever needed.

ZS 5 is in many aspects superior to ZS4E and currently lacks some new features (PHP 5.3, Mercurial). Therefore we're kindly asking Zend Technologies Ltd. to release Zend Studio 5 source code to public. We are sure there are Java enthusiasts who will fix the stability issues and implement new features. The only reason Zend Technologies Ltd. has not done so already is because open-source ZS5+ may be a threat to their profits. Still we are sure that open-source product will only increase the popularity of the Zend Technologies Ltd. as a leading PHP company which will trigger increased profits in the long term.

Please comment to support this petition and share this page with everybody who might be interested.

1-Click Installer

With the increasing popularity of portable software as well as single EXE file software (for example Process Explorer) there appears to be a need for a 1-click installer.

1-click installer will merely add a new context menu item to the Windows Explorer called "1-click install" for EXE files. Clicking it will copy the EXE file into C:\Program Files\ (or whatever path is set in the registry) and create a start-menu item with the same name. Two simple operations, which can be easily automatized.

It may need to be working on folders as well. In this case the whole folder will be copied and the shortcut should be created to the largest EXE file in that folder?