Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time-tracking based on git or mercurial commits

Time-tracking for the projects has always been a straining task for me. One has to remember the time when the work is started and after the work is finished one needs to open a time-tracking system, find the correct project and fill-in the form with the starting time, ending time and a comment. Often it's the same comment which was already inserted into a version control system during a commit. What's easier: reach out to copy/paste the old commit message or rewrite the same message in other words?
I've found a solution.
This system does both, it automatically fetches the starting time of the work, the ending time is the time of the commit, comment is the commit message. And it also posts it directly to the time-tracking system Rechnung+.
Pretty nice, isn't it?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't cut in front of the highway traffic when leaving the acceleration lane, you idiot!

The rule on the acceleration lane is not to interfere with the traffic already on the motorway. Make sure your speed is the same as the traffic already on the motorway. Mirrors and signals must be used correctly to avoid interfering with the following traffic.

This is very obvious and simple rule, but it needs to be reminded over and over. Please repost, retweet and share.