Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Car Driving Styles

There are different driving styles. Novice drivers tend to be overly careful and slow. Some drivers remain in that state for their whole life. Most, however, evolve and become overly confident in themselves.

Such drivers drive too fast and hate every driver that's driving slower then 200 km/h.

Only the selected cultivated highly experienced people evolve into something bigger - serious, responsive, polite, friendly to other drivers, and best of all, remain as such even when in a hurry. They value not only their own time but also the time of others, understand and truly share the idea that the overall time of all travelers needs to be minimized and not only your own driving time on the price of time of others.

It took me a couple of months to outgrow the first novice stage. It took me 9 years of daily driving to glorify up to the responsible driver level.

Which level are you currently in? Make a comment below.